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Thread: cant log in, decryption Failure

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    Default cant log in, decryption Failure

    When I try to use launcher getting an error "Decryption Failure Launcher had trouble decrypting data from login server or login server was in middle of synchronizing character data."

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    finally got in after trying for almost an hour

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    I am having this problem now, is there a fix or does it fix itself?
    anyone else having this problem?
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    For anyone experiencing this issue, please download and install the launcher upgrade that can be found on the community page here:, This issue is due to an update to Java, and whilst the new client has been patched out some people might still be experiencing the issue.

    I've forwarded that a statement regarding this would be useful on the community page itself.
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    I havent done the Java update yet and i dont really plan to do it so quick since ther is this issue. Should i still downoad the launcher update?

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