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    Having learned from Khemerius the art of storing information in crystals as he was learning drain bolt techniques, Stratus became aware that there were many other potential uses other than the mere storage of spell techniques. He began to use the crystals to record the events of the day. He used an array of these crystals to perpetually recast tempest around the Peak of Storms during his and his beloved's ascension.. making for one of the most memorable moments in their lifetimes.

    But he didn't stop there, a crystal was used to record that event, and began to be used to record many others. The crystals were fairly manipulable, able to hover between his horns from his perspective or to move about around the area getting views around him on a primal tether. He had started with the bonding of Alatum and Shinnara, followed by the ascension of Xalnier, a friend.. and slowly but surely he began to attempt to attend every ascension that he could. He began to become a lore keeper and would place his recordings into the community lair library in Chiconis, making the recordings available to anyone who wished to see the events he had captured. Below is the contents of that library. Listings are in chronological order by event. Please feel free to add them as they occur.

    Stratus opened the library to any and all contributors who learned the art of crystal records. (Feel free to post your links. I'd wanted a more structured layout, but forum functions limit it.)

    ##Bondings Section ##
    The Bonding of Alatum and Shinnara

    ##Ascensions Section##
    The Ascension of Xalnier
    The Double Ascension of Stratus Vortex and MidnightTempest Vortex

    ##Stratus' home movies##
    Buying Midnight a Home

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    Pastle the Bane of Castle has been recording many events for quite some time now! She shows up to places just to get some good footage for who knows what reason. She seems very fond of ascensions and tries her hardest not to miss them, often showing up and pulling out this silly looking device that was stolen from some Gnomes. It records events just like a crystal does! What kind of strange magic is this? She has decided to have these recordings open to the public by contributing copies, along with a machine that plays them, to this library.



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    Over the years Pryzm tried to attend as many events as possible. There are no records of her own ascensions wich made her sad enough to learn the arts of storing informations in crystals as well so others could enjoy rewatching events that are important for them. Something that was denied to her. So far she has been storing these informations and recordings within Karanes lair adding to their collections as the Lore Keeper of the dragon race. But Karane is quite protective of her library so it is hard to get access to the recordings without the proof that you can handle things with care.

    After hearing of Stratus` open library she began making copies of these crystals and added them tho the library.

    --- Ascensions ---

    --- About Istaria ---

    "If being of fire means blind arrogance and the elevation of violence above reason, then let me be of water!"

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