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Thread: Thundercloud now worthless, please restore it

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    Default Thundercloud now worthless, please restore it

    I ask that you put Thundercloud back the way it was. It was not over powered nor did it need to be changed. I don't know why you messed with it in the first place, making it obsolete, but now?????? it is just a piece of paper in my knowledge base because it is just worthless

    First you nerfed Thunder. now Thundercloud is exactly the same and neither are worth crafting. Why do we need 2 spells with exact same settings? Both Nature. 4 second stun and 6 second immunity? (pft)
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    Default Re: Thundercloud now worthless, please restore it

    So Druid school takes a nerf now too..


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    Default Re: Thundercloud now worthless, please restore it

    all nature schools here

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    Default Re: Thundercloud now worthless, please restore it

    Another slap in the face to those of us who have been here the longest.
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    Default Re: Thundercloud now worthless, please restore it

    I'm just not seeing the purpose of a stun that doesn't last long enough to allow you to do anything else. like say fire your bow after you stun something... soon as you stun, you try to shoot, stun is released before the bow or spell even has a chance to fire once. As it stands right now, these spells can no longer be considered stuns. 3 seconds is no where near enough time to accomplish any goal. not even to cast one buff, a heal, fire a spell, or charge up any ability.... If this is your answer to a group of people stunning a mob, then well... you need a better solution, because this isn't going to do anyone any good. About the only thing to happen here, is angering the nature player base. You might as well have removed the stuns completely, because you have caused the same effect by making them useless

    So I put forth one question. What are they good for now?

    I can think of nothing. stun timers are way too low, and the stun immune is way too high
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    Default Re: Thundercloud now worthless, please restore it

    I have to agree. Although I did make some use out of the plethora of stuns the nature school has, it's frustrating to always need to keep on my toes because the stuns barely last much of a lifetime. Roots are nice... but again, there are root immunities, and I don't like to have to keep relying on both so much just to be able to do some damage without being hit myself.

    Maybe I just succ at Druid/related and utilizing nature spells, idk LOL.
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