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Thread: Results of /select ( ) have changed for some targets.

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    Default Results of /select ( ) have changed for some targets.

    I have used and now use the /select feature for purposes such as targeting an NPC not visible line of sight and/or in a cluster of NPC's as seen on a mappack map.

    Up until a year or so ago, I also used /select to target enraged wisps to speed up looting them for Wisp Vitality Tech Components. For the past year or so this procedure no longer consistently targets the nearest enraged wisp, and often targets one as far away as 100-150 meters, including cases where at least 2 enraged wisps are closer.

    If anyone cares to see this phenomenon in real time, visit the wisp/oastic/treant field just west of the Eastern Outpost on the south side of the road. In this area are spawned "clusters" of Shining Wisps: an Enraged, an Enriched, and one or two each of regular sized and small ones in each cluster. Set up a hotkey with text command "/select enraged shining" (without the quote marks) and using the Hotkey to target the enraged wisps and move about the field to see that the closest one is not often the targeted one.

    Is it possible that we can again have the /select always target the closest item as had been the case for many years?


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    Default Re: Results of /select ( ) have changed for some targets.

    This started with the enhanced view distance. Even the /sne (F11 key for me) for select next enemy. I can stand near old surtheim, try to select next enemy to get to his adds so I can kill them first (Maybe 20 meters away), and somehow I have a target 350 meters away on other side of the fire island, target is a Khepret Beetle, or something. This has also been reported many times, including once by myself. So please look into the issue

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    Default Re: Results of /select ( ) have changed for some targets.

    This has also been a problem for me that I can say could use some optimization.
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