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Thread: ~Celestial Helpers~ *MAIN THREAD*

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    Hi and Welcome to the main Celestial Helpers Guild Thread!

    What makes this guild so special?
    Its helping hand in almost everything.

    Celestial Helpers is a one of a kind guild that helps each other out in almost everything. Such as; quests, battles, levels, questions, and tips! As our quote says, "Help those in need, as you would do with yourself." This quote means that anyone will can help, and they will get help in return. This creates a balance between sides so there are no issues!

    Our Discord Page:

    How to join:
    Step 1. Join our discord
    Step 2. PM me or staff (via Discord) to get in-game to send you an invitation.
    Step 3. Explore!


    ~My gift to you~
    Zaroclaw(me) is also offering to make free wing templates! Kinda like the underwing mod, except there won't be just one color, I'll draw anything you want on your wings! Only requirement is to be in the guild. Join the discord page for more information(Please join before you ask me to make you one on here!)
    Example of one of mine:

    Thank you so much for reading and/or joining!

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    If I join would someone be able to help me with my lair?
    I don't know where I was going with that.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ReaperofShadows View Post
    If I join would someone be able to help me with my lair?
    We can try our best to help you get supplies. Unfortunately, we do not have that many members yet FYI.

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