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    Default Hello!

    Hello Artists, Authors, Musicians and Poets!

    The good folk of Istaria have kindly consented to allowing us to post links to our works. Below, please give a short description, or a bio of yourself, what genre books, poetry, music or art you create, and a link to where our compatriots can find your work.

    This is a new idea, so let's all be respectful of one another, post politely no spamming, please. Thank you.

    I feel as if I should welcome you, though this is not mine to administrate. However, my dwarven spouse, Skirnir, had this idea for a bit of free advertising for creative minds.

    Please keep all your posts suitable for any younger readers, and be sure to mark whether or not your work is for a younger crowd.

    I look forward to seeing what we can do with this thread! Dellani Oakes

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    Default About Dellani Oakes

    Dellani Oakes writes mostly romantic suspense novels, but she occasionally dives off the deep end into science fiction, fantasy or historical romance. When she isn't writing, she's editing, marketing or hosting her two Blog Talk Radio broadcasts: Dellani's Tea Time every second Monday from 4-6 PM Eastern, or What's Write for Me every fourth Wednesday from 4-6 PM Eastern, on Blog Talk Radio.

    Dellani's titles include: The Ninja Tattoo, Under the Western Sky, Undiscovered, So Much It Hurts and One Night in Daytona Beach, with Tirgearr Publishing.

    Her other books are:
    Conduct Unbecoming, Indian Summer, It Takes a Thief, The Lone Wolf Sci-fi Series and Room 103. She also has an adult coloring book available. Look for Doodle Your Stress Away on Amazon.
    Dellani can be found on Facebook, Twitter and her personal blog

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    Default Re: About Dellani Oakes

    I have written two mystery novels, "School of Lies," and "Deadly Traffic." I was a high school special ed. teacher
    and would often write and distribute satires of the memos sent out by the administrators. For this, I was punished. I was summoned
    to a vice principal's office and told, "You're such a great writer, you're on the digital grant team." Since this was
    the committee from hell, I decided to take revenge. Hence, the first novel. They are written with some humor,
    although teachers and students probably laugh more. My publisher freaked out at one point and said, "Vice Principals
    don't talk like that!" Of course, they do...
    You can check out the books on Amazon or on my website
    Gnome Extraordinaire
    Join the GLF! *Gnome Liberation Front

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    Default Re: About Dellani Oakes

    Greetings, Dellani wise one :-)
    Long it hath been since my wings bit Istari winds. And many the reasons it is so, and much the regret. But truth is a wind also, and not all those reasons were ill. For the fool whose fingers sit behind this Fool had other words to dance also, if it might interest any to know of them (blush).
    Heh - putting Sephi back in his lair a moment, yes indeed it's been rather a long time. But Sephi is awake again, and that is good. But in respect of this thread, part of why he was away, or at least part of what the time was used for, did indeed involve writing. I've now got titles out with two Indie publishers (four on the electronic street, two of which can also be found on paper), with more in progress and informally contracted. And I have a self-pub pen-name as well, with two novel length pieces, one of which is available as an audiobook as well (not narrated by me, so no need to fear (blush)), and six collections of micro-shorts. I'll put a second post here if I may, to avoid putting too many words on this one :-).

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    Default Re: About Dellani Oakes

    Welcome back, Sephi! It sounds as if your time away was well spent, my friend! Most exciting news!

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    Default Re: About Dellani Oakes

    Hello, Mickey! I loved both your books! Dellani

    PS how do I sign up for the GLF?

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    Default Re: Hello!

    I am an author, but I also work promoting other authors. from time to time, i shall share their work here, as well as my own. I hope that someone finds it of interest. If so, make an author's day - buy a book! Dellani

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