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Thread: New Roleplayer has appeared!

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    Default New Roleplayer has appeared!

    Hello all. I'm Sune, or Stace, as you prefer. I've been hopping around many Roleplay forums and MMOs for some time now, and a friend said they once played on here and recommended I at-least give the free subscription a shot and dab into the world. I've been a long time Sci-fi and fantasy roleplayer going on 15+ years now, and I'm mad at myself I've never gave this game a glance.

    I'm a nerd, I like anime and video games and run tabletop roleplays as well as run a roleplay support group for a larp. Literally, I am your basic nerd. I'm also a cat-dad and an actual stay at home father. I'm also a small time wannabe author, who has been writing Fantasy, Mystery, Drama, and romance related books which are mid-work in being published. I have no idea yet what I plan to play (Game installing as we speak) and I need to sit down and read the lore. Maybe a Dryad or Satyr... I am weak to Faewyld beings...

    I digress. ITs a pleasure to meet you all. I hope to tell a wonderful Narrative with you. Feel free to drag me into your crazy.

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    Hey if you want to join chaos we can meet up and I can show you how to start
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    For combat training and if your on Chaos Seek EPION , Ill either have you #5 on the blights bingo book of who too kill first or youll have 99 death points from the incentive training >.>
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    friends:-) This is a roleplayer
    Massive RP is still on Order Shard I assume )

    Anyway- welcome Sune-
    Enjoy our wonderful world
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    Role play is on Order for the most part, yes. You will be welcome. I have a goat you may want to meet. Or not.
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