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Thread: Some Monsters have few Spawns.

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    Default Some Monsters have few Spawns.

    I am going around and harvesting trophies from level 21 up to level 100. I have noticed some monsters have very few spawn areas and when they do spawn in their area there may only be two creatures that spawn. Some of these creatures have been really squeezed in the last few deltas. The Jasper, Citrine, and Aquamarine golems have been placed in two small areas thus limiting numbers. But of these three, the Citrine golem spawns the least. I wish something could be done about this. Another squeezed monster is the Large Arbotus. It has about three areas to spawn But all of these areas are small with very few Arbotuses. The small Arbotuses are everywhere but the large ones are very few. Another monster that has been squeezed is the Emerald Golem. There is a small area that only dragons can get to but this is useless for bi-ped's. Any additional spawning areas for these monsters would be appreciated.
    As an aside and with this suggestion, there are areas inside Istaria that are empty of monsters. The granite area just north of Heather (all the way to Granite Hills) is mostly empty. Just below the mountains where the granite nodes are supposed to be. I never seen more than two granite nodes in this large area. This area could use some monsters.
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    Jasper, Citrine and Aquamarine have a total of 15 spawn regions each around the Tazoon region. 1 in the Valley of the Moon, 1 in the Tower of Healing canyons and 13 near the Desert's Edge NW of the Tower of Healing. Their chance of spawning are equally distributed.

    Large Arbotus - You are correct, there are only 3 spawns (total of 7 Large Arbotus at any time) split between Dikaina and Falathien.

    Emerald Golem - The area near Drakul is indeed limited, but there are a number of spawns on Saritova Island with more than 20 golems able to spawn.
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    Let's start with Desert Edge area, the area NW of Tower. I have hunted there for last week at many different times. The distribution of golems run like this. For every 3 Aquamarine golems there is 1 Jasper, and for every 3 Jaspers there are 1 Citrine. There are 2 spawn areas near the two crafting buildings that produce only 2 monsters each. If you wish to check this, it is area right beside the crafting buildings.
    Emerald golems have 2 real areas of spawn at Saritova Islands. Both have been squeezed by marble and peridot golems. I do not include the area near Drakuls Heart or whatever that place is because only certain creatures can get there.
    Thank you for your reply. As this was only a suggestion for future spawns. Slimey/Fatuous on Order

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    I agree with Slimey. It's hard to hunt gem golems nowadays.
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