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Thread: Reshade Troubleshooting?

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    Hello there forums! I thought it was about time that I make an account on here!
    So I'm starting off searching for a bit of help!

    I had reshade installed last time I played Istaria, but since then I had my computer wiped and I'm looking to get it back! I followed the installation instructions, and when I go to launch Istaria, it does it's "Precaching bounding volumes..." loading, but then the game itself doesn't launch. I would love to have this back in my game since it makes such a difference. Any help or pointers would be greatly appreciated!

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    Since nobody answered yet and i don`t really have a clue about it the last way out is to reinstall the game. But that might take a while. Just to have something in the back to remember.

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    I really don't know much about Reshade. Just one thought, do you have DX9 Shaders turned on? The two "gears" beside the play button on launch screen should have DX9 Shaders printed above them if you do.

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