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Thread: New Graphic Changes and Tokens

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    Default New Graphic Changes and Tokens

    This is a good rant to start with. I love all the graphic changes since last two deltas. Around Kion there are many changes like the lava falls and the new ruined castle near North Parsinia. The treats are now fun to just watch change into trees. These changes are nice to behold and please keep coming with them.
    For now I will hold back on my ranting on the new "Loyalty Token" changes. I will see what happens with that. So far I think it stinks but we shall see.
    Slimey on Order

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    Default Re: New Graphic Changes and Tokens

    Hey Slimey,
    whats wrong with Loyalty Tokens? I cant remember there being any change to them. Could you explain further? Do you mean new content that came on Anarie?
    If you hold it back, you cant be helped and appropriate steps to work this out cannot be taken.
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    Default Re: New Graphic Changes and Tokens

    Yes, love the graphic changes, Sem looks magnificent now. That waterfall, that bridge, the dragon statue, etc., OMG.
    But I don't love the commerce with loyalty tokens. Before this I used loyalty tokens
    to get things that last, like a pet for example. These tokens are not things a player gets quickly and I have always
    regarded them as something special. I don't mind using them to buy a formula that will let me create things
    over and over again, but I won't trade my loyalty tokens for perishables like potions. I'm not really sure I'm
    comfortable with xp raising potions at all. Other potions, why can't those be made by alchemists? Or are they?
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    Default Re: New Graphic Changes and Tokens

    Loyalty Tokens can now be used to buy 1.5 and 2 times (double) experience. It takes 5 loyalty tokens to buy 5 XP vials. These vials only last 2 hours. This seems awful harsh for the price. I am holding judgement back until I see if this takes away from our double XP month. If double XP time is removed, I absolutely despise it. I do not know if this is going to happen so I wait. I get 8 loyalty tokens for 6 months of plot ownership. I use my tokens for vault upgrades and pets plus a few formulas. So I wait. I use double XP month to lessen my harsh penalty on my bi-Ped. On order, the double XP month sees a doubling of characters playing the game. Removing double XP month would definitely hurt Order.
    Can anyone tell me what the vials of rest do? It takes 3 loyalty tokens for the top vials of 5.
    Thank you. Slimey on Order

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    Default Re: New Graphic Changes and Tokens

    There are no plans to remove double EXP month. Also, the EXP potions do not stack with the month's bonus either, so there will not be anyone running around with 4x EXP boosts.

    The Vials of Rest increase your rate of healing when at rest (sitting or sleeping), so you can heal back up to full faster out of combat.

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    Default Re: New Graphic Changes and Tokens

    Quote Originally Posted by Sarsilas View Post
    The Vials of Rest increase your rate of healing when at rest (sitting or sleeping), so you can heal back up to full faster out of combat.
    I'm sorry, but why is something that's a feature in essentially every MMO, and heck, nearly every game behind a paywall?

    My biggest gripe outside of that is with the loyalty bot pets. They were nice, if expensive, to have before that change. They were worth the months you had to pay in. But having to buy something with loyalty tokens (even a re-usable form) to make an item I already paid in for useful? Hell nah. The bots are just wasting space for me now. Not worth it.

    I've got to agree that the rate on the potions is pretty pitiful: 5 months for 5 potions? 5 months = 10 hours max. Something's seriously wrong there.

    Now remembering this thread about a cash shop... everything was supposed to just be cosmetic, and not put paid players or long-standing players at an advantage over new or free players.
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    Default Re: New Graphic Changes and Tokens

    I gotta agree with you guys. I've been here for 8 years and only bought 2 full sets of vault upgrades, so I'm swimming in tokens - probably hundreds of them. And I still feel iffy about these pots. I can afford them, sure. But 6 months of my membership for 10 hours of double exp? I may as well just wait for a few months for dbl exp month.

    Nevermind how it makes me feel for new players.... these pots came about from suggestions ages ago for log-in rewards, which would be available to everyone. And instead of that... we get them on loyalty tokens. Which punishes newbies who don't have any loyalty tokens and won't get enough for months. The counterargument to that from Discord was 'well people can sell tokens' but who is going to? How many people are gonna sell months of their sub rewards in return for in-game gold? A 25% boost was added to pawnbrokers for 200s, but what new player has 200s to spare?

    It feels a bit fishy and makes me uncomfortable. I don't like locking useful items out from new players. We were promised loyalty rewards would stay cosmetic and not outclass in-game items and now.... iunno.

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    Default Re: New Graphic Changes and Tokens

    My opinion on this matter is extremely straight forward so I'm going to keep my input short.

    I personally don't agree with making the exp potions only obtainable through loyalty tokens because that means you have to pay for long periods of time to get any form of use out of them, that feels very "pay to win" vibe-y to me. One thing I always loved about Istaria is that it's fair to all players, no matter what, you could do anything anyone else could do, no needing to toss more real life money into the game than to just keep your subscription running. This here would be like...let's say, you are a new player and you love this game, you enjoy it just as much as an oldie. Though since you are new you cannot invest the loyalty tokens into using the exp pots and thus you have to grind more than one of the older players.

    This is coming from someone who has been here since 2008 and I am swimming in loyalty tokens. It's not fair to newer players, and it's just outright expensive.
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