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    Default Delta 303.5

    The following changes and fixes will be applied to Blight:

    • Fixed decal textures on dragon wings going out of bounds with certain spot decals.
    • Bloodletter Wildling, Worker, Brute, Savage now use new texture
    • Grave Miasma no longer can be dispelled (from spell teched with Cleanse)
    • Typo: Rare Ingredient: Fennel Tales quest
    • Emblem of The Gifted previously could not be used to get the title on characters who did some old version of the quest and didnít meet requirements.
    • Ice Barrier I-IV will now give particle effects to target (yourself or friendly target)
    • Typo fixed in Slate Crest: Pestilence I.
    • Terrorized now increases delay and recycle by 10% (not 110%)
    • Encouraged now reduces delay and recycle by 10% (no longer increases it by 90%)
    • Piercing Winds tech effect will now silently fail on conflict
    • Amulet of Scorpus now uses an armor crystal icon
    • Death Hounds in the Land of the Exile now get Ĺ as much health as before
    • Incorporeal Shift and Transformation now allows damage from spells and reduces incoming physical damage by 60% (rather than 100%)
    • Incorporeal Shift now lasts 10s (down from 20s) and is no longer received by monsters under level 20
    • Incorporeal Transformation will show up in a monsterís list of buffs
    • Some monsters had two types of incorporeal buff, rendering them completely invulnerable to all damage. This has been corrected.
    • Critical Strike, Mangle and Throw Spear now provide bonus damage in Offensive Stance
    • Blinding Shot, Armor Piercing Shot, Armor Piercing Attack, Crippling Shot, Long Shot, Heart Seeker, Tactical Strike, and Thorn Shot now deals more damage from Focused Stance instead of Attuned.
    • Rangers now get Thorn Shot starting at level 14 and every 12 levels thereafter.
    • Rapture (Resurrection Immunity) will now reduce all damage from Physical, Ethereal, Unstoppable, and Simple types to 0.
    • Purple Spider Frailty Venom is now known as Weaver Frailty Venom, is classified as a poison, and can no longer be dispelled.
    • Brighter Spider Acidic Venom is now known simply as Acidic Venom, is classified as a poison, and can no longer be dispelled.
    • Armored Stance now properly uses Orange instead of LightBlue
    • Rapid Fire Stance no longer conflicts with other stances.
    • Mind over Body I now uses Focused (Green) Stance instead of Attuned (Blue) Stance
    • Thaníkuk now have less health
    • Diluted Superior Antidote no longer saves on logout (note: this is okay because it only lasts 2 seconds)
    • Gift of Ebbeíit now fails on conflict and saves on logout when it gives Lethal Poison Immunity
    • Kwellen Hide now has a quality of 5 and requires 800-1050 skill to harvest.
    • Master Antidote now requires 2 Scorpion Tail Stingers at minimum skill (was 3)
    • Stygian Scorpions now get less health
    • Cave Crawler Hatchlings are now smaller than before
    • Cave Crawler Breeders are now larger than before and get more health as well
    • Geleonís Master Scroll no longer protects against spell attacks and reduces incoming physical damage by 60%.
    • Dragon Adventurerís receive Ethereal Claw at level 21. Ethereal Claw is a self buff that recycles every 120s and causes your non-special melee attacks to be ethereal for 30s.
    • Ethereal Blade can now be used on other players, is now masterable, but its effect only lasts 30s (down from 60s). Does not work with special attacks.
    • Reaverís now get Ethereal Blade 2 at level 45 which cannot be used on other players, lasts for 60s, but is not masterable. It can be used with special attacks.
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    Geleon’s Master Scroll no longer protects against spell attacks and reduces incoming physical damage by 60%.

    so again something is nerfed, which helped smaller groups or single players.
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    Why must the developers always nerf things? What good is the master scroll anymore? Why does one of the developers hate the Bi-Ped classes so much? A really disappointed Slimey on Order

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    Default Re: Delta 303.5

    I'm curiousÖ

    If Grave Miasma cannot be removed with a spell teched with Cleanse, can it be removed by the abilities of Detoxify or the spell Purify?
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