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Thread: Hands across the Void

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    Default Hands across the Void

    Greetings elder and wise, wise ones and fair

    Long it has been since my wings tasted Istari winds. But they do again - though I know not yet for how long. And yet, if this is joy, there is sadness also. For while I have form in both the lands of Order and those of Chaos, most like it will be chaos winds I ride most oft.
    And there lies the trial.
    When I chose to wake again, my heart would not let me leave the lands of Order, even though so few wake there. So I sought the gods' will, and they made me also on Chaos. But while I have much of me there, coin I have none. I have it here, but there I stand vagrant. So it came to me to ask - might any here have, or know, means to take coin here, and let me gain it there? Any here who also wake in both lands, perhaps, and stand coin-heavy in both, who might take my coin here and gift me theirs there? Else I will drive the Brokers of Pawn quite mad by the time I have gathered and sold dross enough to rebuild ShadowGate with all its devices of craft :-). No small lair will carry all of them, and though ShadowGate's old home on Mia's Edge on chaos is held by another, there are other caverns I might make new, could I but transfer five or mayhap ten gold.

    Sephiranoth, called by some ShadowSeeker
    Nobody and Nothing ever, save The Five do Feast
    Still Thunder to the Lightning, though the Lightning sleeps

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    Default Re: Hands across the Void

    wow! Long long time no see. Welcome back. The way I make money is to go to the ED and then take the loot
    to Rahool in Bristugo. You can get some gold quickly because he pays well. Even the tier 5 mob like emerald
    golems drop things he will pay well for. Yeah, we are sparse on Order but we are what we are.
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    Default Re: Hands across the Void

    Greetings wise one and fair :-)

    Aye, I can do that indeed. But not before I have (stepping away from Sephie for a moment), recreated my interface, learned again how to fight, and without anywhere to put anything I've got in my pack (which is currently near jammed with every scale set Sephie made for himself). And given there have, I've been told, been changes to scale tech stacking so any one tech can only be on a scale once, or at least only one instance will be useful, some of my scales may need remaking. So I have to re-learn crafting mechanics too. All without a lair! And I've got 28 gold on Order, but not one on Chaos to buy a lair to build with. And most of the decent sized ones I could build T6 machines in again are 4-5 gold plus. Sigh...
    But still and all, wise one, the land is now no longer just a memory. For how long the Land called Real will let that be, I know not - but I fly again on both Order and Chaos while the wind wills :-).

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    Default Re: Hands across the Void

    ( )


    So it makes sense to have hope. You again taught me a lesson.
    Welcome back Sephi.

    Feel free to live on my plot in Mia`s on Chaos- I will open all for you.
    Same goes to Flame`s lair in Frostwatch. Feel home there on our plots too-
    I gladly update you with all I know- and we shall craft for you what is needed.

    Too bad we are broken too (on Chaos) but I will try to organize some gold for you this weekend- I m sure my guild will help.
    YOU told me to play a dragon! [SIGPIC][/SIGPIC]

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    Default Re: Hands across the Void

    Lovwyrm draconel

    My thanks indeed for thy kindness, wind dancer. And I'll take ye at thy word and most like take advantage of ye shamelessly (blush). But still it will be a maker's heart beating in my chest, and still I will strive to gather a lair like unto ShadowGate that was. Time is but a candle burned, and wax still wet from the burning. And what else are we but flickered candle flames? :-)

    Sephiranoth, called by some ShadowSeeker
    Nobody and nothing ever, save the Five do Feast
    Fool ever to the Fair, though she walks no more.

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