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Thread: Why must people run from the truth ?

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    Default Why must people run from the truth ?

    Has the human race de evolved in to cockroaches where we scatter where the light flashes on ? Do we aspire to now only live in darkness,fantasy and fiction or can we act like adults for a change .

    If you have looked at your smart device lately you all know John McCain has died this week. One of my friends quoted him on Facebook and gave him the most honorable tribute a warrior could hope for now hes the target of the most biggest pile of horse ******** Ive ever seen from the left and the right . In his earlier years he said

    " when its my time tell my tale to thews who ask tell it truly the ill deeds along with the good and let me be judged accordingly the rest is silence ."

    So after 7 hours reviewing public records re reading his memoirs and parts of his books and puling his navel background put together a overview of his life with only 2 personal interjections through out his wall of text.

    After reading his post and fact checking it for my self i learned a great deal about John McCain that i dint even know about. After reading his post i can conclude the following . John McCain was a man , He was by no means a saint , Nor was he the devil . He made a great deal of mistakes in his life , committed many sins but after every miss step he at-least attempted to correct or atone .

    So why do people demonize my friend for Honoring John McCain in the way he wanted to be .

    Why do we continue to divide our selfs in to groups with in groups and isolate people who dare to speak fact i just dont get it .
    Face forward and you should be able to hear it now the only thing plugging your ears is your own fear. There is only one enemy and one of you so what is there to be afraid of ? Abandon your fear turn and face him, Don't give an inch. Now advance Never stop If you retreat you will age Be afraid and you'll die NOW SHOUT OUT YOUR NAME !!!

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    Default Re: Why must people run from the truth ?

    See following link to June 2017 National Geographic Article "Why We Lie: The Science Behind Our Deceptive Ways" :


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    Default Re: Why must people run from the truth ?

    In this instance, I think it is because humans tend to be tribal and will go along with the stories that they believe to show their tribe in a positive light vs. the "other". Often these stories are to the detriment of the other tribes but there are plenty of excuses why that doesn't matter.
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    That is how it works, people lie in order to get sympathy from other people.

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