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    A Bright New Look

    As Fall once more returns to the lands of istaria, it’s likewise once again time for a community contest. Last year, a contest was held to expand the newly updated Fall Grounds, and we saw it was well received by the community based on the enthusiasm displayed, as well as the sheer number of submissions.

    This year, we will once again hold a community contest, though with a different subject. One of the most common suggestions we see pop up from time to time is in regards to more customisation options for the varying races. Often we have to reply to those suggestions that “for now we are not considering more, aside from those that are relatively easy to make, and also easy for us to upgrade in the Unreal client”. That leaves mostly textures, and while textures can be cool, it puts a bit of a limitation on suggestions.

    For this contest however, we are giving you free reign over what to suggest. A new horn style for Sslik? New hair for your fair Elf? Maybe even a new head style for dragons to choose from? Or maybe your gnome is just in dire need of a new pair of glasses, and if all else fails you could always give your human a good ol’ facelift. Everything that is an option in the character creator is fair game (except animated horns - we’re not doing those!).

    For things that would require new models, please keep in mind that we have to keep animations within certain constraints. For example, a dragon head cannot have whiskers as the skeleton for them doesn’t have bones for that.

    You can submit a model or texture suggestion, but remember that the more you expand your idea with notes, descriptions, and drawings, the more likely it will be selected. We’re not just looking for good ideas, we’re looking for well presented ideas. This is a contest after all!

    Entry Guidelines:.
    • Detailed description
    • Concept sketch
    • Model sheet (front, side and top view)
    • Model
    • Detailed description
    • Concept sketch
    • Texture
    • Remember that you can enter as many times as you want.
    • Submissions have to fit within the lore of Istaria.
    • Please spell check your submission. A poor presentation can get in the way of a good idea.
    • Remember that these are character creation options. We’re unable to provide character options that are totally unique to your character.
    • All reference images, concept art, and other assets should be done wholly by you and not use material from any copyrighted sources
    • Model Format: .mb, Texture Format: .png and .psd source file.

    The contest will start today and run till the 30th of November. Your submission can be emailed to: [email protected]. If any modifications need to be made, our contest moderators will mail you back in regards to it.

    We'll look at all the suggestions on December 1 and then provide a timeline for when the winning suggestions will be implemented. As was last year, the creators of the winning entries will receive a title. Please remember to include your account name as well as a character name in your submission so we know on which character you’d like to redeem the title.

    As before, credits to the original designer for the winning entries will be provided in the credits page.

    Thank you and we’re all looking forward to seeing your creative ideas!

    Istaria Development Team
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