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Thread: Overdue apology and farewell.

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    Default Overdue apology and farewell.

    Hi, I am Azramael from Chaos. A while back I acted like a real jerk towards the Istaria community and I would like to apologize.

    Back when I first joined, I LOVED the sense of community the game offered me, in fact it was the main reason why I played, and I really, really wanted to be involved. I made art, a biography for my character and even tried my hand at submitting some things to be put inside the game.
    Over time though, I became frustrated with some members of the community, which should not have been a big deal, because it's bound to happen in any social setting. Yet instead of acting like an adult and going on playing as usual I decided to get involved in some petty drama for the sake of petty drama, though I don't blame anyone for how I acted, what happened was my fault alone.
    The negativity ended up really getting to me, I started to view the entire community in a bad light and I pretty much only stuck around to cause trouble, like a complete twat.
    Finally I just blew up at some people and then decided to just leave all together, and since then I've been able to reflect back on how I acted and realized that I threw away something wonderful, and for what ? For the sake of making edgy jokes and making a few of my friends laugh. I really regret how I acted and If I could take it all back I would do it in a heartbeat. I'm sorry for being such an ******.

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    Hey Azra.

    We all make mistakes - when I first joined, I was only 12 so I screwed up a lot. When I turned 13/14, I was an edgy brat trying to be cool with my edgy friends. I more than likely stirred some drama and made some mistakes, and I've surely regretted them. I've worked hard to overcome my dumb history and I'm glad most people seem to think of me as helpful when I run into them, and I really want to try to keep up that image.

    Mistakes don't define you, but they help you grow. Even if you never come back to Istaria, I hope you know that there are people out there who are willing to give second changes.

    Best wishes, Azra, I had fun talking to you when we interacted

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    Default Re: Overdue apology and farewell.

    Hi Azramael.

    I have never had the chance to meet you in the game.
    And as Racktor say, we all do mistakes and they dont define you.

    Now you're acting like an adult should. Saying you did a mistake. You say you're sorry. Many adults out there could lean something from that
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