A new client version has been patched to Blight. This includes some major updates related to performance and loading, but please be aware that this patch does not include content changes.


  • Improve performance of animation system when switching between standard animations (walk, run, step, etc.)
  • Speed up the equip items code
  • Cleanup character loading / visibility so that total number of visible characters so that maxFullCharacters / maxPartialCharacters values are respected (in ClientPrefs_Graphic.def). The video tab Graphics Detail slider controls this. To improve performance, lower slider if going to be around lots of non-monster characters.
  • Speed up character loading
  • Improve loading speed for entities
  • Review formula fields and remove those not in use / needed


  • Some issues with the new emote changes have been resolved, such as missing sounds or emotes that wonít play.
  • Some longbows donít show color of applied weapon dye kit
  • Plot: Stone Flooring Obsdian 30x30 has bad orientation
  • DPS on keys keep repeating when stacks combined #5675
  • Frozen and Storm wisps no longer used tiled versions of Blight textures and use ones specialized for themselves.
  • Teleport pad activation changed so that it is distance based instead of standing on the object.
  • Saris females can now use the kick emote properly. Dragon adults will also now have a sound attached to /nod.
  • Re-converted various snowy tree textures to DDS textures to be less pixelated at a distance.
  • If a second key binding is a toggle button, then when pressing the first (or second binding), make sure the first / second is also set to the same toggle
  • Update camera position behind character / autoflip to first person / third person
  • Re-price consignment item initially shows zero


  • Added winter files for winter season
  • New music track for Kion / desert

Original News Post is here: https://community.istaria.com/news/?id=813