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Thread: Finally decided to play!

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    Default Finally decided to play!


    I have been watching the game throughout the years. I have always been a dragon maniac and Istaria offered a playable race I wanted to play the most. Sadly, when I first checked the game out I was too young to pay for membership and dragon were membership-only. I have now given it a try, will probably decide for a full sub if I like the game! Still getting very confused over many things but I hope I will manage just fine...

    I am playing on Chaos shard and would love to know if any guilds are still recruiting. The threads seem somewhat dead..

    I hope to stay here for a long time! ^_^

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    Welcome to Istaria! Dragons are quite fun and eventually get very strong. Just ask in game about guilds, I am sure any would be happy to welcome you.

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    welcome home, hwarra!
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    Thank you! Already found the guild, this community is awesomely helpful <3

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