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    I did not know where to post this so here goes. Did double experience points start after maintenance today? It is Tuesday, December 4, 2018. Thanks Slimey on Order

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    OK. I do not have double xp. I wish the developers would announce when double xp will begin. Thanks. Slimey on Order

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    Its working now! :-)
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    Yes it's working now but I was not alone in thinking it was already underway and turned in some trophies.
    Thus, lost a lot of xp which makes me want to cry. Some trophies are pretty hard to get and represent
    a lot of time which now was wasted. I think we should get something to compensate for this. The Gnome
    Liberation Front is working on a protest march. Of course, we'd call it off if we got some payback here.
    Gnome Extraordinaire
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    Yes, it is finally working. Thanks. I also turned in many trophies while it was not working. Just glad it is working.
    Slimey on Order

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    Oh you humans are such pushovers....
    Gnome Extraordinaire
    Join the GLF! *Gnome Liberation Front

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    Higher center of mass...

    Can't help it.

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