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Thread: The trophy hunter list

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    Default The trophy hunter list

    With recent changes, trophy hunters now show a long list that includes every trophy
    dropping mob in the tier the hunter represents. Top is 100 turn ins and then for turn in of
    five trophies. So when you greet the NPC you see a
    LONG list of tiny print and the mob are organized by level and then by alphabet... I think.
    You have to look and look to find the one you want. This is really tedious and causes
    eyestrain. Then you choose what you want--careful to click on the line you want
    because they are close together and it's easy to select the wrong mob!! But once you
    turn in your first choice, it disappears from the list and you have to close the window
    and greet the NPC again and start the process all over again.
    YES I do have a suggestion here. Once a mob is selected, the mob's name should
    remain on the list and be at the TOP. This would be very very helpful for turn ins of
    five at a time. PLEASE FIX THIS.
    Thank you!
    Gnome Extraordinaire
    Join the GLF! *Gnome Liberation Front

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    Default Re: The trophy hunter list

    I would appreciate if you just made the whole list in alphabetical order. Thanks. Slimey on Order

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