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Thread: A Bright New Look - Contest Results

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    Default A Bright New Look - Contest Results

    Greetings Istarians,

    With our creation contest having come to a close, and the team having looked at all entries in-depth, it is now time to reveal the results to all of you!

    As a foreword though, we'd like to clarify a couple of points:
    • There are no first, second, third or further places, we wanted to judge entries regardless of placement to keep things focused purely on the creative spirit of the entries.
    • There are two ways an entry can win:
      • Being nominated as a winner; these entries were considered to be winning by the majority of the team. These entries will be worked on to be brought to completion as soon as possible.
      • Being nominated as a runner-up; while not being voted for in an overly positive fashion, these entries were still mentioned by a couple of developers as being unique in all entries submitted.

    Thank you all for entering our contest, and without further ado, here are the winning entries:

    Diamondback Sslik Pattern - By: Saso

    This entry loved by many in the team not only for being one of the few entries designed for the bipedal races, but also how well it works with the Sslik themselves, taking inspiration from the Diamondback Rattlesnake.
    Rhino Dragon Head - By: Deathwind

    Another entry that pulls from real life inspirition, Deathwind's stunted Rhino Head design struck several of us within the team as inspired and unique.
    Dual Ram Dragon Head - By: Vrikshar &

    Vrikshar was the only entrant to supply us with 3D models (sculpts in this case) of their ideas, of those sent in we especially loved the unique and alien feel that the Dual Ram head showed.
    Beard Dragon Head - By: A Tulan/Noctyrn

    This big jawed head, with it's goofy yet sturdy and determined look, as well as it's unique silhouette warrented it a winner's spot.
    With that we finish off the winning entries, all winners should have received an e-mail (these are sent to the address used in the entries) contacting them in regards to how they can redeem their prize. If you have not yet received an e-mail please contact our support so that we can sort it from there.
    Lightning Horn - By: Shaadravari
    Saris Hairstyle Expansion - By: HeartofStone
    Boar and Hammerhead Dragon Heads - By: A Tulan/Noctyrn &

    With this, our contest has truly run it's course, and development will start on making the winning entries a reality, we hope you all enjoyed it to the fullest and are excited to see them in the future!

    -The Istaria Development Team
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    Default Re: A Bright New Look - Contest Results

    OMG, they all look so good!
    In game character- Rudyheart Nightwing

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