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Thread: visebility jacket for istaria

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    To get Istaria more visible, I think we should be on the major sales websites. At the moment meaning steam and GOG. I think that steam is too much of a problem with its software and probably draw attention to the too restless crowds.

    However I think GOG is possible they let software install without extra software around it. The only problem I see is payments. And only then for the initial "purchase".

    Is this an idee?

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    Istaria was greenlit on Steam a few years ago but if I recall correctly the actual release was held off until the engine could be fully ported/remade into the unreal engine. That project is still ongoing to the best of my knowledge. The general idea behind holding off on releasing it before the engine update was the fact that a newer engine and all the upgrades (graphics, etc.) that it could offer would be more appealing to today's gamers, rather than releasing Istaria as is with it's dated engine and graphics (which most of us don't mind, but many people do).

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