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Thread: Iron confectioner seems bugged [resolved]

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    Default Iron confectioner seems bugged [resolved]

    I have two characters stalled at the last step where you have to talk to Fillet about the spoon and book (which were deleted at the end of the previous step). He gives the expected text response but the quest never completes. You can delete and retake it as many times as you like. I have tried while in the confectioner school and while in another school. I made a group with the first and second character while the quest was stalled for the first and the second was supposed to kill the mummy. The spoon and book only spawned in the loot for the second character so no sneaky going back to Fillet with the deleted items still in inventory for the first. Having the second talk to Fillet before completing the step that deletes the spoon and book didn't work. I'm out of ideas.

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    Can you try to greet him again and let me know if the quest continues/completes?

    We've just hotfixed the steps on this quest.
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    That did it. The quest advanced for both characters.

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