Greetings elders and wise, wise ones and fair.
THE TREE was first written - well, a long time ago. It is not a long tale, and some parts of it might seem dark, but I think it hath light to it. Still, it was originally written for Istaria, and for Kindle. It's been told here in tides long past, and in every land I've walked since. And it be Kindle tide, and thus... well . Thus .
Tonight, Wednesday Dec 19, THE TREE will be told again in the Hall of Mirrors player channel - estimated start time 22:00 Eastern.

It was just a tree.
Indeed, had ye seen it, that might well be all ye had thought of it. Just a tree. A tree like any other. One more lost tree in a forgotten forest. Most like, had ye passed by, by that very nature ye would not have seen it at all. Invisible it was, as the begging hand stretched out was invisible to those who hurried by, busy in the important matters of the world.
And mayhap that was why.
None knew how the word passed. And pass it must, for it was a different place each time. Perhaps in the drum of spring rain on sleeping skins of those with no cover save the sky. Mayhap whispered in the slow slither of sweat down brows of those lucky ones who slaved each summer day at tasks no other would do, for perhaps a single copper coin. Or shouted in the howl of winter winds down those dark streets folks with coin never walk, set counter point by shivered bones and chattered teeth of those who had no other place to go....