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Thread: Jade Snarlers are not dropping Techs

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    Default Jade Snarlers are not dropping Techs

    The Jade Snarlers are not dropping techs. I killed 150 as atest. This included Jade Snarlers, Enormous Jade Snarlers and Sinth x 5. I hitthe groups by Sanctuary Bay and the Tazoon desert.
    Zero techs dropped. I donít believe this is just a run ofbad luck. I have some tails and fangs in the bank I got a month ago when youmight get one every 20 kills or so. They drop plain and broken Animal bones,plain and damaged animal skins, Jade Snarler skulls (trophy), and Jade Snarlerears. The ears look like a piece of paper, the oddities broker wonít touch themand the pawn broker buys them for 0.2 copper each. I canít remember if that isnormal for the ears or not.

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    I did a little more research. The Jade Snarler Fangs drop from all three kinds of the Dusk Wolves outside of Heather. The Enormous JadeSnarler tails donít seem to drop from any mobs in this area. I went back to theTazoon desert and killed 53 Enormous Jade Snarlers and Sinth again. Still ZeroTechs from these mobs. Iím going to stick with my original statement that the Jade Snarlers are bugged.

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    Jade Snarler Fangs currently only drop from:

    Dusk Gnasher 48-49
    Dusk Howler 48-49
    Dusk Prowler 49-50

    Checking with team on this. I want to say this is intended, but can't say 100% until I hear back. The tech might need renamed or further action required. For now, you'll need to kill these mobs. Sorry I don't have a more concrete response yet.

    The Alpha Tails, yes, there is a problem. We'll try to figure out a quick fix for them.
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