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Thread: Remnants of an Artifact (Part 4) broken

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    Default Remnants of an Artifact (Part 4) broken

    The quest chain is fine through part 3. You receive thePulsing Fragment and go see Dennison. Part 3 completes. You click on the highlightedtext for part 4. There is no further quest text. Dennison does not give you thepulsing fragment back. When I open up my quest log the gold box shows up withthe quest title, but there is no black text box attached to it.
    I went to the Clerics tower and talked to the archbishop tosee if the quest would advance. No such luck.

    On a side note what level is part 3 supposed to be? I earned a couple of death points completing it as a Lvl 69 warrior.

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    Default Re: Remnants of an Artifact (Part 4) broken

    Can you check your pet inventory, cargo disk, etc for the Pulsing Fragment?
    The first step on Part 4, is Dennison tries to give you a Pulsing Fragment. It might be broke if some fluke happened and you still have the fragment. In that case, delete it, before speaking to him.

    If you're still having problems, please send in support ticket with your character name and shard.
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