Greetings Istarians,

A long time player of Istaria recently was asking about the oceans that surround Istaria and the names of those water bodies. We've never named the ocean areas (or many of the lakes), mostly because there are not things to do "in" the water. That's not a great reason though, since many of us don't go in the RL ocean, but it's still nice to point and use it as a reference point.

With that in mind, if you've got some ideas for oceans, lakes and other bodies of water, we'd really like your feedback. We'll pull at that together and update the game map with labels.

Below is a link to a Cegaiel's map of the world. You could use that as a reference point for viewing and if you want to be really handy, take a screenshot and then label / draw a perimeter around the water areas you have a suggestion for.

Please post your suggestions to the thread below and we'll compile them all together by the end of January.

Thank you

Istaria Development Team