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Thread: Bodies of Water Suggestions

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    Thread for suggestions on bodies of water (please see this thread for more info)

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    Wow, I never saw this. I tried both links and saw nothing. Would you mind showing some of the suggestions? Thanks. Slimey on Order

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    Quote Originally Posted by Slimey View Post
    Wow, I never saw this. I tried both links and saw nothing. Would you mind showing some of the suggestions? Thanks. Slimey on Order
    There currently are no suggestions yet, as this has only been opened to the playerbase starting today, as mentioned in the linked thread we will be using this thread to take suggestions until January, after which we will compile and pick whichever ones work the best!
    The schedule might be tight, but there is always time.

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    I would like the bay under the sslanis lighthouse to be called 'the queen's tada'
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    I suggest that the waters within the perimeter between the 4 Satyr Islands (Alged, Corvus, Dahibi and Elnath) be named "Satyr Sea".


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    I have been waiting since Alpha 2 to see something like this!! There is all sorts of possibilities with quests concerning names on old maps. (who where why how). i am glad to see this finally done and of course only THIS management has done this!!

    Bodies of Water

    30638, 24602 to 30190, 22963 - Smugglers Bay (from Ancient Map)
    30266, 26454 to 30686, 27438 - Pirate's Inlet (from Ancient map)
    26832, 28072 to 26970, 28463 - Pirate's Bay (from Ancient map)
    22290, 31775 to 26122, 32759 to 26202, 29779 - Northern Island Sea
    25218, 4055 and Northward would be The Great Northern Trandular Sea
    28210, 29967 to 26954, 28575 to 30778, 28983 - Great Northern Depths
    25070, 22813 to 25574, 23053 to 25634, 22621 - Sacred Waters (adj to forrest—from Ancient map))
    17466, 21546 to 30514, 21438 to 25106, 13742 to 30178,18479 to 17762,31614 Southern Island Sea
    19650, 21356 to 21074, 22734—Southern Dalimond Strait
    21122, 23342 to 20786, 24670—Northern Dalimond Strait
    27146, 38110 to 26234, 36990 to 28474,38042 to 28314,37006—Hammerhead Bay (From ancient Map)
    21850, 27282—Shadow Lake (underneath floating island)
    22714,19774 to 22714, 19230 - The Mouth of Greater Aradoth - (from ancient map)
    29308,27554 to 30040, 27710 - Delgarath Strait

    sorry but could not get the blasted thing to align

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