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    Default Error ID 57

    as title says cannot get in, anyone else having problem
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    Yep same here, yesterday was loggin just fine.

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    Same here

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    Yep same error here

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    Yep same here. Just paid for my subscription and now I can not play.

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    same here

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    Still not working. Fails on validation.

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    Same here, I need to play.

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    I have notified our server manager on this issue, he has yet to answer my e-mail but the development team is aware of the issue presenting itself.

    As this impacts the GM run events for the anniversary that we had planned, we have chosen to instead extend the events to the end of the coming week (Sunday the 30th of December), a schedule on when the events will be hosted per server will be posted later today.
    The schedule might be tight, but there is always time.

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    Thank you, Liseth. I hope it is corrected in time for Sephi's continuation of the tale!

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