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    I have tried over the holidays to build onto the new tunnels. I have done most of my work at Heather, Dalimond and tunnel entrance at maple treants. The tunnel entrance at maple treants (233/236) is a real problem. I have built 2 sections there but they go above ground once built. You must clear world cache each time you build one section. I can still build the next section but it is in a void and if you ever step into this void you end up above ground (outside). If there is a 3 way section built, one side always seems to go to void. If you do this too many times, you will start crashing badly. If you clear cache too many times, you will start crashing if you use any form of portal. I wish someone could look into this and see what can be done. Also, I built two sections of (233/236) and only one section is showing now. Please look into this. Thank you Fat/Slimey on Order.

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    Well, two weeks later and the tunnels are being built. The problems with the world cache reset are the same. Everytime I build a section it becomes a black hole until I reset world cache. There are many black holes or voids in the tunnels. If you step into one, you are sent to the surface. All lair structures in the tunnels can be built but none of them work. After building them, you can not activate them. On Order we need all the help we can get but for some reason we can not use bi-peds for this. Why is there not a way to use bi-ped construction on these tunnels. My bi-ped builds much better than my dragon. I just wish someone from game would say they are working on this. Thanks. Slimey on Order

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    It's fixed on Blight client: patch to Blight in your launcher configuration settings.
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    I patched to Blight to finish the tunnels. The tunnels on Order are mostly finished from Dralk to Chiconis. There are a few side rooms to be done. The problem is there are too many open black hole areas. This prevents going completely from Dralk to Chiconis. The crystal area at Heather is all black open area. These open areas need to be corrected before much use of these tunnels can happen. Thanks. Slimey on Order

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