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    Hey all,

    I just couldn't get this game out of my mind recently with all the great memories of this game and the shenanigans I got into with a few other players doing crazy stuff! I was looking to see if there is any group here that wouldn't mind having another member added, I'll likely be starting a new character to see just how much as changed since I last played and I'll be running around on Chaos!

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    Welcome back!!
    Entropy isn't what it used to be...

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    Oh welcome back! You will be overwhealmed by the changes that have been added ^^. Istaria has even a own discord channel, wehre you can talk with the devs directly if needed.
    Discord link:

    If you are looking for a guild i can offer mine for example Tho the main talk is happening in our Discord server.

    Have fun in Istaria!

    "If being of fire means blind arrogance and the elevation of violence above reason, then let me be of water!"

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    if you ever see the name sparkcal ruby online that's me
    I am very lucky to know my bonded mate and even luckier still to know i am always on his mind and he on mine for that i am very happy.

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