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    Default Find Paid Plot Work

    Got a new tool out that searches any shard in real time and finds plots with paid work available.

    From , click the "Paid Plot Work" link to view.

    All values are always in real time. Meaning if you contribute some resources, a refresh of the page will reflect that fact.

    If someone adds new work, a refresh of the page will show it instantly, etc etc.


    Click the red button to copy /select plotID# to your clipboard. Then copy this in Istaria's Game Chat box (and press enter). This will select/highlight the structure to find it easier. But note, you need to be close to the structure for this to work.

    Clicking the Coordinates button will open up map, in popup window to show location.
    You can hold left mouse key to drag map around or use Mouse Wheel button to zoom in or out.
    You need to click on any markers to see a tooltip (hovering tooltips are disabled, you have to click markers for tooltips).
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    I love it. Thanks

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