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Thread: three small bugs

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    Default three small bugs

    first one

    I you come from a level where you can't do a certain quest but level up so you can do that quest. its isn't recognized you can do the quest.

    let say as a level 100 healer you have done the 91 marshal quest in augendell and you haven't yet delivered them. then you switch to druid level 90 level that one up to level 91 the quest can't be delivered then, log out and in they can.
    number 2
    doing marshal quest over a level, one of the quest is not reported as getting exp. (I'm not sure if you get or don't get exp).
    let say you have almost finished level 91 deliver 5 marshal quest. for that level the report shows that you have delivered 4 for experience quest reward, and gained a level, and you get 5 times 16 tokens.

    third one
    Ad a certain point I could get in to the storage of a building If I opened it I got a contains of a bag that was in that storage. probably caused by having that bag open while closing the game.
    restored that one by logging in with on other character and opening the storage of that building and logging back in with the right character. ( maybe logging in and out will help also)

    this was all for oldin on order

    non was a problem in the end but still strange.

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    Default Re: three small bugs

    ok futher on the bug of quest rewards when delivering more then one while leveling. I did three set of the same level and all three were hit half way with a level. one of the exp given is double the amount Se effectively it misses the report of given the quest experence but the next one has the amount of exp added.

    this however let me to deliver four marchal quest of level 96-100 here i got one for an exp of 113344 and three of 254000 exp. I have the feel that the fly's were reduced in exp compaired to the rest, not a problem ad all if done on purpose, however strange.

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