This is list so far of a just a few Creatures I was hunting which may span across any mob with the same attack/debuff effect.

Reason I feel it is a bug. These listed attacks with effects where applied when said attack was blocked with a shield. To clarify when I said shield it was crafted shields not things like pheonix shield from conjurer class.

Sand Crabs lv 90 + Attack: Sandstorm Effect 75% miss chance (Can Not be dispelled), Attack: Dizzing Bite Main effect: stun (Can not be dispelled)

Likely all teir and type of ore golems Metal/Stone types Attack: Avalanche of Ore, Debuff :Increases current inventory bulk (Can be dispelled)

Likely All Gem type golems Attack : Jagged Edge Effect: Bleed Dot (can be dispelled)

Likely any spider with Venomous Bite Effect Stat debuff (Can Not be dispelled)

Likely any teir of scorpion example Hunter scorpions Deadly Sting Effect: 1 hour Direct damage life dot, 5 second frequency (Can Not be dispelled)

Treants Attack : Grasping Roots Main Effect:Limit Speed, Flight, Flight Heigth to zero (Can Not be dispelled)