Sonea was a maker, so Sonea made her way
Sonea was a seeker, of what she would not say
Sonea born and died her, the circle came around
Sonea born again, by the Hawk she was found…

New Brommel. A fair place, it be. A place fair, and of a fair place, for now it is a place of Festival.
But it was not always so. For in tides long past - in New Brommel, the dead did walk.
Though, it must be said, those who walked were no Aegis, and no longer dead. For once, in a tide now long past and in the light of a candle long turned to melted wax, New Brommel was one place among a very few that new Gifted woke. Woke, and sought new skills, new deeds - new homes. And Sonea, once dead, now living, was not else. A new home she sought - but aye, not only that. For blue scales she seeks, and thus she is Sonea, called Finder.
On Saturday January 12 (estimated start time 17:00 Eastern), the next chapter of THUNDER AND LIGHTNING, the first novel ever published ab out Istaria, will be told on Chaos in the player channel The Hall of Mirrors. Come one, come all, for TaleSpinner comes also! Did ye ever hear tell of the Thunder and Lightning? The Fool and the Fair?