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Thread: serious bug: monk training

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    Default serious bug: monk training

    Oldin 100 level warrior gets this as comment from Hasera trying to follow the path of a monk.

    [01/12/19 20:20:04] Some will tell you that you need a strong staff or a sharp sword to fight your enemies. A staff cannot feel its way to a weakness. A sword cannot by touch find a soft spot. It is only by getting your hands dirty that you can learn how to defeat your enemy. Monks learned this a long time ago and teach those who would listen. Are you interested in <!--ST 220235 3>following the path of the Monk<!--/ST>? You must have some basic skill as a warrior before I will begin your training. If you have not earned at least 10 seasons as a warrior, I can not train you.

    [01/12/19 20:20:07] I'm sorry,. Oldin, but you must first learn the basics of combat as a Warrior. Go learn and return to me when you understand more.

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    Default Re: serious bug: monk training

    changing over to warrior is a work around.

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