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Thread: heal recylce III where?

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    Default heal recylce III where?

    I have now put four full levels through levels 40 to 60, I mean grinding them and I still don't have any heal recycle III.

    As I have most of the other stuff from level III, my conclusion is simple I have been hunting the wrong mobs. As a lot of these were religious misguided gnooms, because of there tech drop. That could well be the case. I did get four heal increase III in the same time, and Guess how many of the rest.

    My question is which mobs do really drop heal recycle III, as Its almost clear that not all T3 droppers do it.

    Oldin on order

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    Default Re: heal recylce III where?

    Here's a list:

    Captivated Cultist
    Cult Infiltrator
    Dominated Cultist
    Entombed Will
    Esh the Mind Lasher
    Ghostly Dragon
    Granite Chest
    Granite Chest Mimic
    Greater Ghost
    Greater Ice Blight
    Greater Mummy
    Greater Skeleton
    Greater Zombie
    High Priest of Telak
    Kaa the Shade
    Kungi the Shaman
    Lem the Cold
    Oak Chest
    Oak Chest Mimic
    Pale Hatchling
    Scorpus Guard
    Seliena the Brilliant
    Shadow Dragon
    Steel Chest
    Steel Chest Mimic
    Telak Teacher
    Tormented Engineer
    Trandalaran Corsair
    Ugrot the Chieftain


    Hope this helps

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    Default Re: heal recylce III where?

    In may experience really you can scrap Dominated Cultist and Captivated Cultist from this list. I have killed to many of those hunting for forms and techniques while levelling. From these I got four heal increase III, this is the only one I do numbers of for most( 90%+) I got 2 or more , but no heal recycle III.

    I do know who are allowed to drop it But that doesn't mean that they drop it.

    Oldin on order

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