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Thread: Chaos down? 1/16/19

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    Default Chaos down? 1/16/19

    Thought I'd find a post here related to this...perhaps I missed it? Look like it has been down quite a while. (Not sure when this started). I did see a restart notice on the News page.

    Is there a proposed time at which it will be up and running again?

    Edit/Update: I see there is no ETA just now. (Thanks for the updated News). Will check back, then.
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    Default Re: Chaos down? 1/16/19

    Still down. Must be getting on for 12 hours now.
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    Default Re: Chaos down? 1/16/19

    We have been working hard to determine the source of the problem with plots/spawns. Unfortunately its only showing up on Chaos, so we've had to use it to test with. Tweak a setting, restart, check the logs, repeat. We think we found an issue, we're testing it now, but we're not sure if its the source of all of the issues.

    Thank you all for your patience during this trying time!
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    Default Re: Chaos down? 1/16/19

    Yay! Thank you!

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