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    Alright, so this is a though one...

    Over the years that I've worked with the team developing for Istaria, a lot has changed, some for the better, some for the worse. I would like to sit here and say it was all rainbows and sunshine all the time, but I do not wish to hold a fake speech.

    It has been known for some time now that my involvement with the team has slowly dwindled, this has been purely my own decision, to focus more on my own personal life. However, recently I've hit my limit and I simply cannot go on anymore, this may be temporary, it may be permanent, I cannot say at this point in time.

    I want to send out my thanks to the community, you all, every single one of you, made it all worth it, and at times even more bearable.
    I will still be around, poking my head in from time to time, but I will no longer be an active member on the development team, or spending as much time as I have before within the game. What impact this may have on the game I cannot say, since I haven't been fully aware of the going-on in the team in recent months, acting mostly as a messenger bird between the team and the community, but I'm sure the current development team is more than capable of moving forward.

    I will still of course actively be using my discord, and if anybody wishes to talk they are more than welcome to strike up a conversation on there.

    But for now...I guess that's it, for now and for an undetermined amount of time, farewell.

    The schedule might be tight, but there is always time.

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    *bows his head* Thank you for everything so far and for anything that might follow, where we won't see you directly involved.
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    Lis, Lis... :-((

    The (add the name I used to call you long time ago) is leaving the lands..

    It makes me very sad
    And a simple "thank you for everything" is never enough for an Istarian dev.

    And maybe I can even understand - somehow- for other reasons.

    have a good , happy and healthy life
    until we meet again
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    Default Re: Farewell

    we are here when you return, dear lis. until we meet again.
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    Farewell, Liseth. You will most definitely be missed!

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    Letís say I'm not surprised. Juggling a full live and do development work on the site line is not easy to say it softly. Enjoy your time you can play the game as a game, AND LEAVE the dev head BEHIND. Be well.

    You have been wonder full to work with.

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    Default Re: Farewell

    Thank you for all you've done, even if a simple thank you isn't enough for all the effort you've put in it.

    Whether you're here or not, Istara be watching over you! Ready to welcome you back, until we meet again in Istaria!
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    Thank you for all the good times and all the hard work you have done. Your presence will be sorely missed. I hope things go incredible for you in the other parts of your life and I look forward to getting to see you in game some times.

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    Default Re: Farewell

    You'll be missed Liseth. Thank you for all your efforts while being with the community.


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    Liseth .. <3

    Thank you for being there for the players, both friendly and challenging, and taking care to inform. Your efforts are deeply appreciated! Until next time. Be well!
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    Wow, I've only been around again for a month or so and even in that short time I can tell how much work you have put into the game and how much love the community has for you for it. For my short part, thank you for the time you gave to the recent event, I hope you get time to enjoy gaming as it should be enjoyed, and I wish you all the best for the future.

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    Farewell, Liseth.
    I had honestly expected this after the Anneversary event and I must say that you have held up well doing as much work as you did for the event.
    You're a stubborn one. :P

    I reccomend that you rest well. And I hope that you will return to Istaria.

    Good luck, Liseth.

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    Another great developer leaves our ranks. You will be remembered just as much as Solitaire. That i can assure you. If not, then even more.

    You left a great impact on the game and you gave me SO MUCH good memorys. I want to thank you for that. It`s not enough, i know. But it`s the least i can do. Seeing you leave makes me sad. We all will miss you and sure will be happy when you poke your head in from time to time .

    Take good care of yourself, make good use of the break! Being a dev is hard work.
    You are always welcome here!


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    Thank you, every single one of you, for your kind words, they mean a lot to me. It's good to know my actions left a positive mark on the community, for the majority at least.

    I've taken most of last week to relax and start up fresh again, getting back into exercising and other healthy things and I've been feeling well, sadly that left me with little time to check here or in game, but I'll probably be around during the weekends, you can find me on chaos as either Nubiliut or Blissil
    The schedule might be tight, but there is always time.

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    Default Re: Farewell

    Well Since you started up fresh i would be more then honored to make you every thing you need to get started . hit me up in a privet message
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    Default Re: Farewell

    Sad day another great one has to leave, but hopefully not forever. Your one of the best and thanks for all the help and devotion you showed. Made Istaria a much much better place for one and all.

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    Default Re: Farewell

    This is sad reading
    You have done a fantastic job. I wish you all the best
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    RL,personal, family must always come first. SO i want to thank you for ALL YOUR hard work and effort that has made this a WONDERFUL world for me despite so many things NOT done so many years ago by prior teams or management. Thank you so very kindly for your interest, support and feedback. PLEASE Take care of your self!! and remember you are NEVER forgotten and for all of us/me your time spent has been of great value. Hope to see you again in the future!!!!!


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