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Thread: Dwarven epic: Grulnor's test of Faith

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    Default Dwarven epic: Grulnor's test of Faith

    travel to the valley of Garokh.

    with going through a lot of historic tomes. I have located this ad the top of the hill Augenhdell is placed in.

    I have been all over this mountain. been inside the two tombs, been on the hill with flies in the spider area. have been completely all over that spider area, have visited the miner burial, have been all around.

    No effect ad all

    So question

    Is this quest still doable. and so yes can anyone give me a hint

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    Default Re: Dwarven epic: Grulnor's test of Faith

    It is not doable and appears to have never been setup correctly. Going to remove it so its not obtainable in the future until it is rewritten/fixed.
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