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Thread: Getting Master Construction Forms

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    no all tokens he a price when you sell them to the person.

    so to buy an form here you have to pull that form to you buy block as normal you would to buy. then pull anough tokens so the price is cofered to the sales block as you normaly would to sell.

    in this case a token is 16 copper

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    So, if the price of the formula is 16s, I would need 100 tokens?

    I tried putting the token in the window without selecting a formula and it gave me the 4s amount, but I just had 2 tokens so far, so I didn't try to actually buy a formula yet.

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    OK, I got a few tokens and went to the vendor, so I understand it now. 1 token is worth 4s to the vendor. The forms I want are 65s each, so I need 16 tokens for each formula.

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    Hate to be the bearer of bad news but it would be 17 tokens needed for a 65s item and he doesn't give change for the 3s you have to pay over.
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    Oh, yeah, you're right. Duh

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