I have a lair in on Order that I'm going to start planning out, so I looked at the same lair on Chaos just to see an idea of what would or wouldn't fit in the lair and I saw something strange.

In the lair I was looking at, there was a T2 hall, with the upper portion on level 0, and it connected to the bottom of a T6 crafting chamber, meaning the upper portion of the T6 chamber would be above level 0? Also, there is a Grand Hall in this lair (which takes up 4x4x4), but it is adjacent to some other T6 crafting chambers which are all 2x2x2. But this is in a lair that is 4x5x7.

How do you do that? Is it possible to build outside the bounds of your lair now? I tried planning it out on my lair, but the planning window kept giving me an error.