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    The KnoC's summoned 1 handed sword (Pallid Scimitar I believe) is bugged so that it only uses two-handed animations in place of all one-handed animations. I can only assume this is because both the two handed sword and the one handed sword have the same model and maybe the code for both became combined.

    I spoke with some others on Order and apparently, this bug has been around for a while and at least one person said that they reported it. I can only hope thios issue is being looked into, it may seem silly to some people, but this completely breaks my immersion and almost makes me not want to use the class until it's fixed.

    I'd really like to hear back from a dev on this one, it seems like it should be an easy fix. I'll be submitting a bug report on it as well.


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    My support ticket was quickly answered about this, it seems a fix is currently in the works but it could take a little while.


    You'll be pleased to know that a fix is already in the works. It's a bit complicated, but the fixes need to come out in stages. Some with the next delta, and some with client def files. There's no firm eta on what all these will be out, but it will be in the near future.

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