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Thread: Strange animation on half giant

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    Default Strange animation on half giant

    The animation for a female half giant using a special attack while firing a crossbow is missing or very strange. She just stands there with her arms outspread at a 45 degree angle. This is true for all special attacks except multishot whichuses the regular animation for firing a crossbow. Heart Seeker, Head Shot and Power Shot will all do the arms frozen animation. I tried the same thing with a female human and her animations are all normal. I did notice that a human and ahalf giant reload the crossbow differently. Picture posted on Discord.

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    That will be fixed on next blight client patch. It's trying to use a human animation which doesn't seem to work on the half giant. There's quite a few that points to a human file and works, but the special attacks doesn't seem to. It will point to another animation through an update to a .def file.
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