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    I am rebuilding several chambers of a lair, using novians. Every time I pop a new chamber open, it is sealed with a large black rock. If I re-log and clear the cache, that goes away, but I have to do it between every chamber I pop (and I have a lot of novians to use up).

    I saw a thread here a while back that said to patch to Blight to fix this, so I did that, but with the Blight client, I crash when trying to buy/sell something on the Pawn Broker.

    Is there a way to fix the black rock issue without patching to Blight?

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    This happened a lot while building tunnels. We had to live with it. I am hoping the patch fixed it but you never know. I patched to Blight while building the tunnels but it has many problems like the dead sliding away and can't be looted. So I did away with patch to Blight. Slimey on Order

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    The client on Feb 5th should resolve the issues with needing to clear cache after popping a lair. It also addresses the weird monster movement (sliding away after dead). This is actually on Live now, so patch to Blight isn't necessary anymore. Unless you're wanting to test the latest fixes:

    As of right now, the only thing Patch to Blight will fix is the two issues on Feb 12th
    That'd be the shiny bracers and Instance NPC's are invisible (ie trainees on NT).
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    Thanks for the info Cegaiel. I haven't popped any chambers in since that patch, so I welcome the fix

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