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Thread: Today's Patch on Order [resolved]

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    After today's patch (February 5, 2019), I have several NPCs under the ground. The town crier in Brist. is under the ground. The guards at Sslanis are under the ground. Only their name tags float above ground. I do no seem able to select them either. Slimey on Order

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    I am having a similar problem on Chaos, as of last night (2/6/19). Missing in action (or, well, inaction, I guess) is Ryson Stormbringer's ghost. Geela disappeared for a while last night, but reappeared later, and the Town Crier has buried himself in the sand.

    I need Ryson in order to complete a quest, so asked on Marketplace chat, where I received several suggestion (all taken) and one high level player even ported to me to help (so nice!).

    I have used slash commands, (/greet got him to respond, but with his general greeting, not the quest response, so I suspect I am invisible to him, as well, somehow). I removed "decorative NPCs" from video settings, logged off and logged on again, teleported and came back. The town Crier disappeared...or sunk completely into the earth, crying his tears below the town, now, perhaps, but Ryson is still MIA.

    Just reporting. There is much to do at my level, so certainly I will not be bored until they reappear.

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    Just a quick question, have you cleared your world cache? It usually resolves a lot of problems after an update

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    Removed world cache folder and it did not work. Cleared world cache and still no go. Did a full scan and they are still under the ground. This happened after last patch on Order.

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    I have a couple of people in Kion that are underground (on Order) as well - all you can see are their names. Clearing cache didn't help

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    Here is a workaround to bring to visible (for example Town Crier NPC near the Bristugo Shrine) when showing as "underground":

    1) In any chat window enter /select Jenn. Jenn will now show in the target window.

    2) With Jenn now in the Target Window enter /ssc 1 in any chat window. Jenn now appears full size.

    Note that Jenn is currently (correctly or not) classified as a "decorative NPC" and thus for her be seen at all the video option decorative NPC must be checked.

    Based on the above, Jenn is currently scaled to 0 (Zero).

    The above workaround procedure concept should also work other "underground" NPC's pending Devs fixing this bug.


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    Thank you, Knossos. Not on the game at the moment, but I will try that workaround when I log on this evening!

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    Thanks, Knossos. I just unchecked Decorative NPCs and removed the problem. I will leave it unchecked until they fix this. Slimey on Order

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    This issue has been fixed with Blight client v397.46.
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    Adding to what Firebrand said. The fix will be on Live Shards soon. But the invisible NPC's can be seen by checking "Patch to Blight" box, on Launcher's config button.
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