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Thread: Tried to stack items - item poofed [resolved]

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    Default Tried to stack items - item poofed [resolved]

    Preparing for a large batch of Flowstones, I have been gathering Shining essence for the last several hours.

    On one of the trips to my warehouse, I noticed that somehow I had 2 stacks of raw Shining Essence in the warehouse (T2 Large). One stack had 3,695 and the other had 17,905. When this happens in inventory, you can drag one stack on top of the other to add them together. I tried this in the warehouse and the 17,905 stack disappeared

    I don't know how they ended up in separate stacks in the first place, but combining them is apparently not working.

    Now I get to go back and spend a couple hours re-harvesting 17K essence

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    OK, never mind, I logged and came back - the essence was back. Whew!

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    Ah great, glad to hear
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