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    Hey guys lots has happened to me last year most of it not good. My bad luck started in February when i learned HPE was getting bought out by unisys and since I was a Contractor my future was "Up in the air" but my boss was going to fight for me . Then in march while i was changing out a hard drive I was crushed by the equipment i was working on it was a freak accident and I was fired from my contracting firm because i was hurt on the job (Lawsuit pending ). Had to get my acl replaced and the surgeon botched the surgery i was down for 5 months . but got a new job October 1st then as some of you know my mothers service dog passed on Labor-day weekend I was heading to depression fast when i looked on cregs list for puppies and thought this guy was a proper breeder ... Ya it was a puppy mill and i closed it down but not before rescuing 2 lab puppies that literally latched on to my mom and my self the jerk kept these new born puppies out side in the coldest wettest October on record in Arizona he said they where 8 weeks and could be adopted according to the vet they where 5 weeks and barely opened there eyes . So Here comes Eps to the rescue and i found my self with 2 hachies for the rest of the year btw 2 am feedings are a real thing ... after some tlc they went from tea cup labs to Proper lab puppies and life is starting to calm down enough for me to return .
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