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Thread: Biggeltorque Chest in the deep bug

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    Default Biggeltorque Chest in the deep bug

    Biggeltorque Chest in the deep bug.

    is hanging on listen to Finagle, He has a question mark above his head I have "strange-looking key" and "Journal of Falantris"

    If I'm not mistaken he did respond firs time when I had these articles but the quest is not up dated.

    Oldin on order

    PS can a dev state when they have seen bug reports. even if it's says "seen" "working on" or "Not a bug" I get very discouraged about the amount of response I get.

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    Default Re: Biggeltorque Chest in the deep bug

    On a developer reply or no reply at all, Oldin, so do the rest of us. Slimey on Order

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    I was able to do the whole quest without issue a few days ago. Maybe you should contact the support.
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    I did make it into an ticket. and it was solved by intervention ( plasing the missing key in my vault).

    what happened I was missing the od looking key. Now i know for sure that one of the copies had disappeared while i was opening the chest.

    I'm not sure how I lost the second one. By quest text biggltorque should have kept it, but I also tried to open a mimic.

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    I have the same bug as the OP. Waiting on a ticket to resolve this. I have the book and one key and stuck on Listen to Finagle.
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