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    I would like to suggest allowing full stacking of the various heal over times in the game. There are a few instances where some classes are hit really hard *cough* Druid *cough* and their HoTs won't stack.

    For example, the Guardians Forest Mist HoT cancels out the growth abilities/spells. In the same vein, none of the growth abilities can be used together (which is ridiculous).

    Furthermore, a lot of healing potions won't stack with other HoTs.

    It just seems arbitrary, I can see duplicate abilities not stacking but as long as the abilities or spells aren't duplicates they shouldn't conflict with one another.

    Is there an engine problem which restricts this or is this by design?

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    I think you meant Morning Dew, not Forest Mist. I agree that Morning Dew was redundant and so for the next delta it has been altered to have an entirely different purpose other than healing. Forest Mist impacts evasion.

    I have also brought up the regeneration buff conflict with the internal team to discuss. I am not opposed to some overlapping, just want to make sure it isn't too much. Thank you.
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