I was thinking it may be a good idea to take another pass at some titles and potentially give some of them a facelift. There are a few titles which currently don't give any benefits for "wearing" and then there are others which are very good to wear because of the bonuses they give. For example, "Friend of the Saris" gives a goodly amount of armor and health whereas the "Private ____ of the Saris Militia" gives no benefit at all. Aside from RP, there's no reason someone who had both titles would wear the Saris Militia title over the Friend of the Saris title. There are a few titles out there like this, with either no benefit or paltry benefits when compared with similar titles earned around the same level.

I propose two potential fixes, the first would be simply to make sure every earned title has some form of benefit for players to wear.

The second (which I think would be the best) would be to create a "costume title" system which allows players to wear and display whatever title they want and retain the benefits of another title. There is the old emblem equipment slot in the inventory which could be put to use. "Active" titles could still be through the title menu, active being the titles giving the benefit. Passive or costume titles could be slotted in the emblem equipment space and be the character's displayed title.

This way if I wanted to be "Private Snuffy of the Saris Militia" but retain the benefits of "Snuffy, Friend of the Saris" I could do so.

This would just be another layer of customization, mainly for RP I guess.